1. General Information

1.1 School Information

School Address
Name of College/University Princeton University
Admission Office Mailing Address PO Box 430
City/State/Zip Princeton, NJ 08544-0430
Admission Fax Number 609-258-6743
Main Phone Number 609-258-3000
WWW Home Page Address http://www.princeton.edu/
Academic year calendar
Semester X
Differs by program (describe):
Other (describe):
Does your institution use applicants’ test scores for academic advising ?
Yes No

1.2 Application Fee and Date

Application Fee
Does your institution have an application fee? x
Amount of application fee $65.00
Can it be waived for applicants with financial need? x
Application Date†
REA EA ED 1 ED 2 RD Transfer
Day of Acceptance
Day of Notification
Day of Reply
† REA : Regular early action.
EA : Early action.
ED1 : Early decision 1.
ED2 : Early decision 2.
RD : Regular decision.
Date of Submmiting the Test Score
Latest date by which SAT or ACT scores must be received for fall-term November/January
Latest date by which SAT Subject Test scores must be received for fall- term admission November/January
Date of Financial Aid for First-Year/Freshman Students
Deadline for filling required financial aid forms
Students notified on or about (date) 16-Apr
Student must reply by (date) 16-May
or within _______ weeks of notification

2. Academics

2.1 Freshman Profile

2.2 Admission and Yield Rate in Last 5 Years