Louis Doru Havriliuc

Louis Doru Havriliuc

  Area Manager Romania


tel +40 374 004 714
mobile: +40 723 673 388

Life is a serious game. You have resources to manage: knowledge to wield, technology to exploit, money in your bank account and gas in your car's fuel tank. You add a bit of the random factor - which makes it all the more exciting - and Voila ! How you use your resources up can make the difference if you get to where you want to or not.

I like business simulations for their micro representation of the real world. I get bored by 500 page books or case studies turned cliche. I like playing games because if I fail then I'm still a winner due to my gained experience. I don't like to be limited to a single way when having to do something. I enjoy collaboration and openness and I dread secrecy.

At the moment I am also working on Simbound - the first business simulation game for e-marketing learners.

What else is there besides business sims? I value the slow-paced living typical to Transylvania, I am always ready to visit friends abroad and couldn’t live without my gadgets.