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Lead Max Terms and Conditions: By checking the box, I hereby acknowledge that the leads I will be provided are compliant with the provisions of federal "Do Not Call" regulations, however, because of continuous consumer updates to the federal "Do Not Call" Registry, I understand that the telephone numbers I am provided may only be used for thirty (30) days from today's date. After such time, I understand that my unauthorized use of these telephone numbers may constitute a violation of federal law. I further acknowledge that I will comply with the provisions of all state and federal "Do Not Call" regulations, including the provisions of 15 U.S.Code § 6101 and 47 U.S. Code § 227, et. seq., and agree that I will hold National Service Group of AmeriLife and its affiliated entities, as well as their officers, directors and employees harmless should I fail to comply with state and federal regulations. For additional information on Do Not Call regulations, visit

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