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HeRO Folder - North American
The North American HeRO from Dataguide
The North American HeRO from Dataguide

• The HeRO™ is a durable document holder combining several marketing elements to make a high visual impact while it protects the fruits of your service.
• The four color heavy-weight container is like a bulletin board for your company. Printed on both sides for exciting and limitless imaging and messaging possibilities. The addition of a vinyl business card window makes it possible for each agent to personalize the package for his/her clients.
• The front flap has a Velcro closure for positive security.
• Under the flap, tabbed file folders contain all of your homeowner's important documentation in an organized, useful fashion. And don't worry about heavy paper loads, the HeRO has an accordion style gusset that expands to fit the paperwork of the most complicated closing.
• It is the perfect document wrapper for making a lasting impression.

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