Racing Instructions

The race is a beat upwind. The wind is blowing over the Ferry Island and is therefore very shifty.

Sailcomp You monitor the wind shifts with the Sailcomp digital compass.

Start sailing by pressing the Go-button. Before the race, the boat sails by itself first on starboard, then on port, to allow you to get an idea of what the wind is doing. Watch the compass!

When the race has started you can tack whenever you like by clicking on the tack button. Try to get in phase with the wind shifts. After each tack you get a hint about how you are doing. Remember that you always lose a little when tacking - don't overdo it.

You can see how much you have left to the finish from the progressbar below the race window. The windward mark also gets closer as the race goes on. Unfortunately, your opponents are very skillful - you must not miss a single shift to win. Good luck!

Technical notes: