Articles about Aerodynamics

Advances in sail aerodynamics Advances in sail aerodynamics (10/08)  
Sail Dynamic Simulation Advances in sail design - the dynamic simulation of sails (5/06)  
Streamlines & swirls Flow simulation around sails with CFD (12/03)  
WindTunnel Movies Quicktime movies of wind tunnel tests on sails (4/99)  
Sails shape & aerodynamics Aerodynamic background for the fast sail shapes (1/99)  
The Quest for the Perfect Shape All you ever wanted to know about fast sail shapes (11/98)  
BoatRace A sailboat race simulation in JAVA 1.1 (5/98)  
Note on the effect of side bend A little note on the effect of mast side bend (3/98)  
Anatomy of a Mini-Transat What makes a Mini-Transat boat tick (interactive presentation) (10/97)  
SailTrimSim A sail trim simulator in JavaScript (for Netscape 3 or newer) (3/97)  
Mini boat - Maxi challenge Building of a Mini-Transat boat - part II (1/97)  
SailPowerCalc A sail force calculator in JavaScript (for Netscape 2/IE 4) (10/96)  
Mini boat - Maxi challenge A series of articles on the construction of a Mini-Transat boat - part I (5/96)  
470 Aerodynamics More 470-dinghy specific and some beautiful graphics (1/96)  
Lifting bows with foresails About asymmetrical spinnakers' bow-lifting effect, simulated on a Cherub-dinghy (12/95)  
StressMapper A program that predicts sail stress & strain (11/95)  
Telling tales ... How to make most of telltales (11/95. Revised 7/98)  
MacSail Aerodynamic simulation of sail flow & forces (10/95)  
The scientific Finn Sail development for the Finn & other one design classes (10/95)  
Wind tunnel images Pictures about flow separation captured from video (9/95)  



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