Top Three Large Business Marketing Research Mistakes

  • Fully leveraging research � Larger businesses particularly are guilty of not fully leveraging their research investment. Simple advice: get and keep as many people involved in the research as you can find. Don't be afraid to manage up or down and push your research efforts throughout the company. You will do better research, and it will be good for the company and your career.

  • Having a great strategy � If you take the advice above, you are 75 percent of the way there. Great strategy starts with great communication and understanding what your internal customers (coworkers) want and need from your research. Very consciously try to fulfill those wants and needs, and thereby keep everyone engaged and using your work.

  • Overpaying for research � Recent improvements in questionnaire delivery and results distribution can translate into cost savings. For your ongoing programs, refresh and revise them regularly to make sure they are running as cost efficiently and effectively as possible. While you are doing that, take a moment to realign them to your strategy!

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