Report Graphics Should Provide Actual Data While Narrative Interprets It

Your market research investment may unearth business critical knowledge, but its effectiveness can be limited by how it is presented to key decision makers. The most significant market research results are only useful if they readily provide management with understandable and actionable information.

In writing or editing your market research reports, remember that your graphics should provide the actual data while the narrative interprets it. For a more professional and reader-friendly presentation, make sure the language in your narrative:

  • emphasizes the meaning behind the numbers, by projecting the numbers into the thoughts and actions of the targeted population.

  • discusses the statistically significant trends in the preferences of the group being surveyed.

  • talks about significantly more or significantly fewer people thinking or acting in unison, instead of significantly higher percentages.

  • describes demographics in terms of real people and not aggregates or percentages.

  • tells how people thought or acted about a particular issue, instead of simply describing the question and telling the response.

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