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What do you say to people who are on the national Do Not Call list and are wondering why survey interviewers are calling them?

The Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO) is the trade association of survey research businesses, representing over 200 companies and research operations in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. As a self-regulating body, CASRO regularly publishes rules, regulations and advice that all member companies are required to keep apprised of. According to a recent CASRO memo, when respondents inquire why they are being called when they are on the Do Not Call list, below is a quick list of things interviewers should always say to reassure the respondent when the issue is raised.

  • Survey research (SR) is NOT INCLUDED in Do Not Call (DNC) regulations.

  • SR is NOT telemarketing.

  • SR does not sell anything.

  • SR does not ask for money.

  • SR asks questions: opinions, attitudes, behavior.

  • SR respects respondent's right to say "No."

  • SR companies maintain internal DNC lists.

  • SR guards respondent confidentiality and privacy.

  • SR is straight-forward and doesn't mislead.

  • SR is a service industry - professional, ethical, self-regulated.

  • SR is "voice" of public to society, government and marketplace.

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