When Not to Do Research

Just as many reasons exist for doing marketing research, many reasons can be found for not doing it -- too many to list, in fact. As a marketing research vendor, we are consulted on projects of varying complexities and methodologies, across multiple industries, and with researchers of varying degrees of marketing research experience. As a result, we see projects executed with levels of impact from great to terrible.�

We've found the most common reasons for NOT doing marketing research are:�

  • Information is already available.

  • Issue to be researched is not solvable (i.e., customer service/product is bad, but company will not pay for better people/training/products regardless).

  • There's no management commitment to use the results.

  • There's no budget to do it right.

  • Management wants to use research only to prove their point.

  • Management thinks they already know how customers behave.

  • Management assumes customers behave how they say they will.

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