Thumbs Down From Focus Groups Should Not Stop Concept Testing

Several years ago, focus groups were conducted to test the viability of some game concepts that were radically different from the current marketplace. The concepts were tested with several market segments using focus groups run in the same city. Opinions were very negative and resistant to the idea.

Rather than give up on the concepts as a bad idea, the company studied the results.�It learned that the concepts were actually being tested among incorrect market segments that would not want to play these games, contrary to what was initially hypothesized.

From a second series of focus groups conducted among a new, more appropriate market segment, and also across different cities, the games were refined and launched, turning into a very popular game and a market leader in next generation game products.

If only a few focus groups had been conducted and no adjustments had been made to the market research methodology, this concept would have been scrapped, potentially costing the company significant revenues in lost product profits and branding opportunities.

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