Sample Design for Tracking Research

In your quest for improving customer service within your company, designing a performance measurement tracking program can be a complicated process. As with any tracking program, one of the first decisions to make ? one with the highest impact on price -- is the appropriate size of the sample that would establish a reliable performance measurement. Good questions to ask are ...

  • How is the performance measurement program to be used??

    • Is it to diagnose problems, maintain performance, improve performance??

    • Will it be used to support performance-based improvement incentives?

  • How timely does the information need to be??

    • Immediate: daily, weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly???

    • Less immediate: quarterly, semi-annually, or annually?

  • What is the positive relationship between cost and survey volume??

    • How many separate entities (locations) are there for ?drill-down? purposes? Are decisions being made by each entity or can they be rolled up???

    • Does the methodology fulfill the objectives within the available budget??

    • What impact does respondent incentives have on the budget and what incentives are most effective in increasing response rate?

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