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Wendes Systems, Inc. is extending a personal invitation to Wendes estimating and shop staff to participate in the National Performance Based Estimating( PBE) research project sponsored by Snips Magazine, Wendes Systems, Inc. and others in the sheet metal industry. The research project is conducted by Jim Segroves, consultant to the sheet metal industry. We feel the data included in this study will ultimately provide a source of valuable information that will benefit the accuracy, efficiency and productivity in business operations. Wendes customers using estimating software version release 4.3 or higher will benefit from several new important performance enhancements and labor data. An initial complimentary shop analysis is offered by Jim Segroves prior to February 1,2005 for qualified performance based estimating research participants. The deadline for the program is February 28, 2005. Information resulting from the study will be incorporated in Wendes HVAC Estimating Software.

Recognizing that your time is important we are limiting our inquiry to three important questions that will qualify your consideration for participation.

  1. Have you conducted productivity studies in your shop or field to confirm the validity of the labor estimating factors used in your estimating process during the last year?
  2. Have you conducted productivity studies in your shop subsequent to adding new equipment such as; coil line, automated plasma fitting cutting, TDC/TDF machines or modifying your material processing or shop floor layout?
  3. Have you verified that your shop is utilizing the most efficient duct construction standards for seams, gauges, and connectors, efficiently processing "HOT" jobs and duct lining?

If you would like to know more about the performance based per piece labor study and labor values for WenDuct software release 4.3 and higher do not hesitate to contact us at; 1.888.406-0300, e-mail joe@wendes.com. Or complete the contact sheet on our web site.

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