Dick Wijnveen

Dick Wijnveen

Creative Director Cesim Benelux

mobile +31653744320

Since 1990, I have designed and organized many management and business simulations in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. My customers are educational (bachelor/master) and corporate institutions.

In my opinion, simulations are the best educational instruments to let participants experiment there business and leadership skills. Simulations are not only a sophisticated online platform to teach and learn business management and decision making, but also a great tool for getting acquaintance in teamwork and leadership development. And who doesn't want to "play" and "win"? This fun and competition factors enriches a simulation in showing original behavior and giving feedback and reflections on it. Using a simulation as an integrated educational instrument in courses and training gives participants the possibility to complete the Kolb's cycle of experiential learning: abstract conceptualization > active experimentation > concrete experience > reflective observation, which lead to new abstract conceptualization etc.

Let's develop and experiment without any risk and enjoy it!