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Ordering Bundle

Ordering + Delivery Bundle


Ordering CMS
Ordering Branded Business App This is a Ordering Branded App which you can use with your project and take advantage of all the management tech.
Ordering Website
Ordering App Allow your customers to order from your branded iOS & Android App
Delivery Dashboard
Delivery App Give your drivers fleet the app to deliver orders following the route in a map, add photos, signatures, notes and more. Available for iOS & Android.
White Label Business App Empower your business owner's with this App, allow them to manage incoming orders on any device. Available for iOS & Android.
Geographic Coverage One Full City One Full Country One Full Country One Full Country
Unlimited Businesses Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free Standard Support Ticket system for support bugs on custom work and also LiveChat human agents for support. Schedule in FAQ (at the bottom of this page).
No transaction fees doesn't charge transaction fees (credit card processor fees will still apply). 0% 0% 0% 0%
Custom domain Your installation, your domain.
AWS cloud servers
Free SSL certificate To help you improve customer confidence, ranking & conversion, with this certificate all the traffic is over HTTPs and dedicated SSL.
SEO Optimization Write down your Meta Tags & Tags to give your site a better ranking, and improve traffic.
Customization services by Ordering Team Pre-quote process needed, Contact us for more info. Custom design services, custom payment gateways and custom integrations with 3rd party services. Option to customize Database and Api with the help of the Ordering Team.
VIP Account Management Special account-management for big projects and VIP service over Skype, WhatsApp, and ASANA with at least one response within 24 hours for easier and faster communication with our account management team
Open Source for Customer Ordering, Delivery, Business Apps & Customer Ordering Website with option to Self Host. For advanced customizations options. Open Source for customers front end products. The Ordering Web code has option for self hosting. The Ordering Apps code allows you to create your android apk and ios ipa files. The source code connects to our system apis on AWS servers. With this extension you will get all the files and code so you can customize your Front-Stores Customer Ordering Website and Customer Ordering Apps.
Ordering Online
Drag & Drop Images for easier setup Change the images of your Businesses, products, & logos by just dropping the image and that's it. Instant changes.
Featured businesses There is now an option to feature businesses so they show on the top of the business listing with a featured badge.
Featured products Feature certain products so they show on the featured category on top.
Business Profile Enhancements This extension will show information about your business such as opening times, the location of the store, business description, photo and video galleries about all the events you are having, or just for brand new products you want to show! Also it will show Offers information. How it works? Once you choose a business according to the location you are on, the Ordering App will show up the information that was previously added in your Ordering Dashboard to each business.
Cart Enhancements Allow your customers to edit the order before they finish the purchase, with this extension the customer can edit or remove products from the cart. How it works? After you choose the products you want, you click on view order, then the cart will show, inside the cart the extension will show a delete item option. Delete option means that you will erase this product from your cart.
Confirmation Screen Enhancements Your customers will see an improved order confirmation screen with all the order details once the order is finished on your Ordering App. How it works? This confirmation screen will display once the order is finished just after the checkout screen on your Ordering App, after you close this confirmation screen it will get you to the home screen, so the customer can start a new order.
Menu Description Your customer will be able to see the description of the products on the menus of each business you have from your Ordering App, the descriptions that will show are the ones that you have on your Ordering Dashboard on each product.
Menu Images With this extension, your customer will see the product image on the menus of each business you have from your Ordering App, the images that will show are the ones you have on your Ordering Dashboard on each product.
Product Enhancements Show Product Image, Description of your product and allow to unselect Ingredients.
Products alternative view Now there is an option to change the products view. You can choose from the list and the grid views.
Products search filter Allow your users to easily find the products they want on the business.
Guest Checkout This extension allows your customers to checkout without sign in or registration. You can offer the continue as a guest feature, this means they won't need to register to order.
Delivery & Pickup Order Types
Single-page checkout All the checkout information on one page, to avoid any confusions.
Upload products with a list With the Spreadsheet mode, allow the stores to copy and paste a excel kind of file with the products information, and get all your products in the store in just a few seconds.
Coupons and Discounts
Automatic Gelocation on Map
Pre-Order for ordering days ahead
Facebook Login
Additional Order Information
Re-Order for Customers
Point of Sale & Phone Orders
Delivery zones setup With easy option to draw areas on a map with a polygon, minimum purchase and delivery cost.
Real time drivers delivery tracking (Using Website) Customers are able to follow the driver in real time on the Map using the Ordering Website.
Real time drivers delivery tracking (Using Ordering App) Customers are able to follow the driver in real time on the Map using Business & Ordering Apps.
Drivers Delivery App Order enhancements
Order notes, photos and signatures
Auto-assignment Driver Settings
Business owner dashboard (Ordering Editor)
Orders Manager with Ordering Editor
Business Manager with Ordering Editor
Settings Manager with Ordering Editor
Inventory and Stock Management
Multi-Business Owner
Admin Login With this power up, the super administrators of your platform are able to login your buisness app.
Invoicing System
Cash and Card on delivery
Paypal Express
Stripe Direct to allow payments without saving cards This is used for Guest Logins. doesn't charge transaction fees (credit card processor fees will still apply).
Stripe with option to save card for fast checkout This is used for Registered Users. doesn't charge transaction fees (credit card processor fees will still apply).
Alipay with Stripe doesn't charge transaction fees (credit card processor fees will still apply).
Bancontact with Stripe doesn't charge transaction fees (credit card processor fees will still apply).
Giropay with Stripe doesn't charge transaction fees (credit card processor fees will still apply).
Ideal with Stripe doesn't charge transaction fees (credit card processor fees will still apply).
Invoice for Drivers and Business Owners
Stripe connect (split payments automatically and save cards) The best tool to manage your split payments & finances. Split payments automatically between your stripe platform account and your business stripe accounts & save cards.
Google Ecommerce Analytics
Platform Performance Reports For more statistics, inside your Ordering Editor, you'll see which are the most sold products, favorite ones, how many order have there been made, sales and much more!
Heat Map for Drivers
Time Spent for Driver Report
Time Spent for Business Report
Heat Map for Business
Sockets Communication A socket is one endpoint of a two-way communication link between two programs running on the network, this means everything will run smoothly and instantly.
Customization Tool You get access to our Ordering Builder, where you can change all the looks of your Website & Apps.
Static Pages Manager CMS Add Pages in the top bar of your website to add more content and let the customer now all the news you have for them.
Ordering Builder access Advanced customization options for developers.
Plugins Allows you to add any kind of feature that the system might not have currently, this enables full customization according to your needs.
Marketing Push notifications with One Signal Marketing for your business with push notifications. High volume, cross platform push notifications & email.
Zapier integration with +1000 Apps
Google Cloud Printers Integrated with Zapier (Zapier subscription fees will apply).
Integrate on any existing website Ordering Editor: Integration Channels (widget, button, inline).
GPRS Printers Every incoming order will show & print on your GPRS printer, we currently have several of them already integrated, if you need a new one get a quote with us to integrate it. Connect certain printers with your platform in order to get the orders printed on ticket.
New Order on Ordering Editor Notification On every incoming order, you'll get a non-stop (until you click on it) notification in your Ordering Editor.
SMS & Call Notification with twilio Integrated with Zapier (Zapier subscription fees will apply).
Incoming Order Email Get emails on every status change and all incoming orders in your inbox (email).
Order Status Push Notification - Business App On every order status change and incoming orders, the Business App (our brand) will receive a push notification with the new status.
Delivery Dashboard Order Notification On every incoming order, you'll get a non-stop (until you click on it) notification in your Delivery Dashboard.
Orders Messages ยท Timeline With this, the superadmin, customers, drivers and business owners can communicate between them.(According to the Apps you have is the availability of this feature)
Multi Language
Service & Support
Free updates
Help Center Get information on all the latest releases, updates, new ideas, improvements & fixes of all your products.
First Store Setup With this service get help from the Ordering team to fully setup your first store, Price $450Usd. Contact for more information and check FAQ if needed. Optional Optional Optional Optional
Free email support response times 1-5 Days 1-3 Days 48hrs Max 24hrs Max
15-days money back guarantee
24/7 servers status monitor
Apps Upload service This service is optional, we have free guides that show you how to upload these files.
The price for this service is $49Usd iOS(IPA) & $49Usd Android(APK)
Optional Optional
Apple and Playstore listing This Listing requires:
-Until it gets approved (Once)
The price for this service is $99 each Listing
Optional Optional
Dedicated support and onboarding 1 hour 2 hours 4 hours