Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 Page 12 Page 13 Page 14 Page 15 Page 16U.S. Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton, San Diego, CA, (since 2009) Program focus: Welding VIP Training Site: BLDG 1279 Camp Pendleton, CA 92055 Instructors: Sonny Castillo and Danny Cornejo Contact for applications: Marine and Family Programs Career Center, BLDG 13150 Skills Development Program Phone: (760) 725-6517 Joint Base Lewis-McChord (JBLM), Lacey, WA, (since 2013) Program focus: Welding; Heating, Ventilation, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVACR) VIP Training Site: Welding Program UA Local 26 8501 Zenith Court NE Lacey, WA 98516 HVACR Program Stone Education Center 6242 Colorado Avenue Joint Base Lewis-McChord, WA 98433 Instructors: Welding: Jay Clevenger & Mike Murphy HVACR: Dave Gibson Contact for applications: Hawk Transition Center 41st Division Dr., BLDG 11577 Career Skills Program Phone: (253) 966-8101 or (253) 967-0601 U.S. Army Fort Carson, CO, (since 2013) Program focus: Welding VIP Training Site: UA Local 58 2870 Janitell Road Colorado Springs, CO 80906 Instructors: Aaron Schultz & Bowie Gregg Contact for applications: Army Education Center 1675 Long Street, BLDG 1117 Career Skills Program Phone: (719) 526-2124 U.S. Army Fort Hood, TX, (since 2014) Program focus: Welding VIP Training Site: 701 Whitlow Drive Killeen, Texas 76549 Instructors: Micah Tyler & Louis Purcella Contact for applications: Copeland Center BLDG 18010, RM B-308B Soldier for Life Transition Program Phone: (254) 553-9436 Find Your Future: 14 are two avenues you can take—a mechanic or a driver. I was originally interested in being a me- chanic, but I failed the depth-perception test, so that avenue was closed to me, and I became what they refer to as ‘open contract’ in the Marines. I was lucky enough that they filled me in as an air- cra mechanic. So I went to Pensacola, FL, for my A School aer I graduated from Boot Camp in ’09. Once I graduated from A School, I was sent to Naval Air Station, Oceana, VA, to learn the basics of aviation and airframes. I learned de- posit, fiberglass, and carbon repairs, and I got my first distinction at Cherry Point, shortly aer I raised my hand to go through a three-month welding program that taught me how to tig weld. I could do welds that passed x-ray. I recertified every year, and continued to do that for eight years. I deployed in 2011 as an aircra welder. We were only deployed if there was an incident in which an aircra needed to be repaired. I was the only welder with my squadron, so it was a lot of pressure.” While in the Marines, Rachel got married and had two children. She felt it was time to go home. Her readiness officer told her about the VIP program, and right away Rachel felt it would be the perfect fit. She initially had some concerns about whether the program’s start date would coincide with her transitioning schedule, but she credits her commanding officers from her very small unit with making it happen. “e fact that they let me participate in this program was amazing,” she said. “I’m heading to Local 101 in Belleville, IL. My husband’s family is there, and it will just be a great place to raise our family. Local 101 is home to the Prairie State Energy Campus that was built and is maintained with UA labor. Rachel’s VIP instruc- tor, Billy Platt, explained, “When Rachel was placed in Local 101, the Business Manager re- quested that she have a couple of specific certifica- tions that are required to work at Prairie State Energy Campus. We got her trained in those processes with no trouble at all. She ran three coupons, and on the fourth, she tested. I got into the weld booth with her, and she followed every- thing I did. She is going to be a star UA welder for years to come. I’m very proud to call her and her husband my friends.” “Iamexcitedtogiveitmyall,”Rachelconcluded, “and take on all of these new traits that I’ve learned as a pipefitter apprentice, and I’m going to a combination local [plumbers and pipefitters], which will give me a lot of opportunities.” CAREERops